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Calling local musicians!

Musically Inclined & live in/around Philadelphia?


M Restuarant at the Morris House Hotel in Washington Square is eagerly seeking fresh talent to play during our live jazz nights every Wed.; solo or small bands only, please. [max. 4ppl] Try it once, or become one of our house musicians/bands; we’d love to hear what you’ve got!

This is a great opportunity to fill our beautiful & bustling garden with your unique sound; make connections for future events & clients; and enjoy a meal [on the house] of possibly the best food you’ll eat… just for sharing your talent!
No commitment except that you show for dates you’ve signed up for (and can actually play an instrument)

Contact me (via fb OR email) for details and contact# to set something up with M’s owner/GM (Debbie LeFevre).
*Please feel free to pop in and check out the space [open mon-sat; 5-10pm]

(restaurant website) (M’s facebook page) (hotel website) (MorrisHouseHotel’s facebook page)
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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