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Artist assistant.. (?)

by Richard Yodis on Saturday, September 10, 2011 at 9:41am (via facebook)

I’m trying to recruit helping hands… Long story short: I want to re-open my jewelry/art store online, but want to do it the right way the second time around.

I’ll explain in more detail if anyone is interested, but I’m basically looking for an assistant…someone to help me keep the shop up-to-date, help promote, possibly assist in art/craft shows, etc.

Compensation and all that jazz can be elaborated on if you think you’d like to help. (I’m not offering a job… just an opportunity to get some free/discounted goods for urself/friends/fam and hopefully, a commission-type compensation that we’d straighten out later. The time & effort put into the project is ….well … You’d decide.) Contact me if u have some free time and want to be a little more creative with that time.


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