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(!) Coming Soon: Precious Projectiles (!)

A month or two ago, after visiting my parents in Phoenixville, I snagged a couple cases of  bullet casings.  I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going with the images that were swirling around in my head, but my creativity was sparked and ideas were far from sparse. 

The initial/immediate idea was to set & secure crystals/gemstones in the body of the casing, making a pendant or charm that could be worn on necklaces or made into earrings.  (…seemed original, but the internet is flooded by artists doing just this).  Ah well, I guess that’s part of art & design; new ideas or works are the accumulation of previous ideas or projects that someone else once created.  The good artist just knows how to add their own flair to something so prevalent, adding value and marketability.  Still, I find it ridiculous that a simple pendant/necklace I mentioned sells for $30 or more. 

I had also envisioned making a bracelet/cuff or two if there were enough shells.  Found virtually the exact bracelet I constructed in my head, online…. still floored by the fact that the artist, whoever they may be, even entertains the thought of charging $162 for a friggin’ bullet bracelet..

Anyway, with that out of my system, I wanted to share where my head was with potential designs and hopefully get some feedback, suggestions, or (hopefully) an order or two… I’ll decide how much I’m gonna charge once I see the work it entails, but I can assure you all that I’ll resist the highfalutin urge to rip you off.  I’m thinking 10-15 for necklaces, no more than 30 or 40 for the cuff.  Keep an eye out for the finished product! (but until then, here’s a couple visuals to tickle your fancy)


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