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Word of the day

Today’s Word Of The Day (Wed 3.28.11): cantankerous.

Definition according Merriam-Webster:
Main Entry: can·tan·ker·ous
Pronunciation: \kan-ˈtaŋ-k(ə-)rəs, kən-\
Function: adjective
Etymology: perhaps irregular from obsolete contack contention
Date: 1772
: difficult or irritating to deal with
— can·tan·ker·ous·ly adverb
— can·tan·ker·ous·ness noun
Similar usage: having or showing a habitually bad temper

The YO’s Definition:
Difficult, dissatisfied, prone to perpetual complaints/drama, insatiable, the tendency to take internal conflicts & delusions and project them on other people or persons. Ex: “Do you really think that cantankerous bitter queen truly believes she is at the heart of/ mercy of the entire world’s perceived, malicious, abusive attacks?… God, she really lingers on the palate, doesn’t she?”
SEE ALSO: contentious, rancorous.
SYNONYMS: curmudgeon (n), ornery, ill-tempered, insatiable, testy, choleric, cranky, critical, crotchety, ill-natured, morose, obstinate, sour, peevish, vinegary, spiteful. Offensive/vulgar: bitchy, c*nty.



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