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April Fools’ Jewels

Sunday, March 20 at 1:00pm – April 7 at 12:00am
YO|DISign online, global
Created By
Rich Yodis


What’s the deal?
Love Jewelry? Ever seen something you loved but couldn’t bring yourself to splurge? Here’s your chance. SHOW me what YOU want! If you have good taste, it’s yours!

I am hungry for new design ideas/inspiration and I’m asking friends and fans to fuel the creative fire.

In an email ( or via Facebook, send me your favorite jewelry design. Keep in mind, this will be the jewelry you receive if you win, so find something or draw something that you can’t live without. I’ll post the nominees through FB, Twitter, etc. If your design gets the most positive feedback, I will create the design. Easy as pie.


THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! Submitted entries may be your own original design (sketch, illustration, any image works), a photo from the web (another artist’s creation), a collage of images that delivers a theme (original or borrowed), photos of samples, etc., and so on and so forth.

THE LAST DAY for entries is April 2 @ midnight. Late entries will be accepted if there’s a low response in submitted designs.

THE WINNER will be announced the day following the deadline and will be CHOSEN BY YOU and your peers. I will utilize networking sites and apps to share the contest entries with the world, BUT, if you want to win, promote your design choice. The more people like your choice, the better the chances that you will walk away with your “Fool’s Jewels”, so go out and promote yourself and your top pick! The design with the most comments/likes/re-tweets/etc. will be named the winner.

THE PRIZE is a free, custom-crafted, original piece that mimics the winning design. I will create, to the best of my ability, any/all of the designs submitted. The winning design IS THE PRIZE. (You get what you said you wanted, get it?)

RUNNERS-UP will be rewarded with discounted prices and the chance to have their designs created for the paid cost of supplies and nothing more.


2 responses

  1. Ricky Mak

    I am entering contest. You know what I need! Lol I love you

    March.31.11 at

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